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In this chapter I will put anything that comes to my mind about:

For years I have used lots of the free available tools, advices and examples from all over the internet. In this webdesign-chapter I will try to add my free available answers to some of the problems I encountered. So others can also use the solutions I found.

Not all chapters are finished yet, so please be patient.

Finished pages...

Creating HR-lines with pictures.

This chapter is about creating HR-lines with pictures inside them. And about HR-lines in different shapes. It shows how you could style HR-lines.

More about HR-lines »

Chrome Devtools

How do you debug your webpage with Chrome Devtools? That is what is described in this chapter. How to find errors in your HTML and/or CSS. Tips and tricks for Chrome Devtools.

More about Chrome Devtools »

Visual Studio Code explained.

How to work with Visual Studio Code (VSCode)? In these articles I explain how to install and use VSCode. What plugins you could use, and more.

All about VSCode »