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Well to be honest, it were not just the VSCode chapters that were updated. From Google I understood there were some errors in my pages, seemed lots of pages were not indexed. So I had to find out how to correct that. It meant I added Rel = Canonical to every page, to make sure pages were added to the index.
Furthermore my sitemap pointed to http instead of https, corrected that too. And lastly the columns still were not what I wanted.

After that I completed the VSCode chapter. With, what I thought most important, explain: How to compile Bootstrap with VSCode and not use NPM, as I did before.

Bootstrap 5.1.1

Het heeft heel lang geduurd voor er weer een update kwam van mijn website. Ik was nl bepaald niet tevreden over de layout, en kreeg van google te horen dat sommige paginas op mobiel niet goed bruikbaar waren.

Daarom de hele layout onder de loep genomen en opgebouwd vanaf de kleinste mobiele schermen, tegelijk met gebruik van Bootstrap 1.1.1.
Daarna alle site tekst nog eens nagelopen.

Het menu is nu multilevel, zodat alles beter bereikbaar is.

Bootstrap 5 Beta 1.


  • Breadcrumbs gemaakt.
  • History Den Helder ge-update.
  • Sidebar aangepast.
  • Next en Prev achtergrond meer passend.
  • Footer ge-update
  • Styling verbeterd, vooral voor responsive view op mobiel.
  • Engelse vertalingen toegevoegd voor sommige pagina's.
  • Artikelen over debuggen met Chrome Developer Tools (how to).
  • Hoe gebruik je Visual Studio Code (VSCode).
  • Hoe richt je je testomgeving in.
  • Hoe kun je een HR-line stylen.
  • Artikel over Icons Charsets en Dingbats.
  • Artikel over stylesheets en defaults (deel 1).
Ik heb gewacht op Bootstrap Beta 1 en heb eerst de aanpassingen gemaakt aan de website, die daarvoor nodig waren.

What a strange year.

And then there was Corona.

My knee surgery, which was to be around februari of this year, was postponed.
More than once.
Luckily the old house was sold right in time, so I could leave all that behind me. I did not leave the appartment much because of infection danger before the surgery, and also because of Corona.
Finally in the beginning of august I got my new left knee. Could not sit behind the PC much after that, had to sit with the leg up to avoid thrombosis.
But in the few hours I turned the PC on I saw there was going to be a new Bootstrap 5 beta 1 version soon. That version had a lot of changes from the previous Alpha version that were not downward compatible.

I had not been able to get the already excisting pages ready for upload, so I made only the most necessary changes and uploaded those.
While I was tied to the appartment, I got some nice flowers and plants to put in the planters. Now the forced sitting in a chair was possible on a colourfull looking balcony.
Bit by bit I could start to change the excisting pages into their Bootstrap Beta 1 version.

After the move.

Right, I live in my new appartment now. No more stairs to climb. Its a very nice appartment, build around a tropical indoor garden, with a big pond with koi's. Very nice. Even bananas grow there.
I could not bring the garden I had with my old house, but the appartment has a nice big balcony. So I brought almost all my big planters and the balcony looks a bit like a garden now.
Needed time for a lot of private things so no changes to the site. I had to empty the old house, remove all the stuff that could not go to the appartment. Man oh man how is it possible that someone can collect so many stuff over the years!

Leaving my house.

Been very busy. I decided to move to an appartment where will be no stairs. Thats because of my bad knee. So it took a lot of organizing to start things. Get in touch with a broker, deciding about the old house and such. Not much time to work on the site.

Website online.

De website is online. Nog niet alles werkt zoals ik wil, maar dit is in ieder geval stukken beter dan alleen maar wat testpagina's.

* Het uitklap menu moet altijd zichtbaar zijn.
* Sommige pagina's zijn nog "leeg".
* De stamboom is er wel maar nog even onzichtbaar, omdat de gegevens getoetst moeten worden aan de nieuwe privacy wetgeving.