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Den Helder, overview page.

Den Helder, town in my neighbourhood.

If you want to know more about Den Helder, this is the place :).

Den Helder is located in the province of Noord-Holland, surrounded by the sea on three sides. It has a history of whale hunting and fishing, has a fish auction and is the home port of lots of fishing boats. It has a very tall light tower called "Lange Jaap" (long Jacob) and there are flower fields in the nearby polder.

Inhabitants of Den Helder are called "jutters" (beachcombers) with their own special "jutters markt" (beachcomber market) during summer.
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Den Helder, history

Den Helder, and the small village of Huisduinen have a history of:

Heavy storms (completely destroying villages), sailor man, fisherman, whalehunters, navy people, lots of sun, flowerbulbs, harbour, polders (land from the sea),
a fortress build by the famous French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte,
a canal (Noord Hollands kanaal) dug by hand (around 1819 by 9000 employees), to be able to get the sailing ships fast and safe to the port of Den Helder.

Read all about it on the history pages of Den Helder.

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Den Helder, the city

A bit of geography of Den Helder, starting with a Google map of Den Helder and its surroundings.
This page gives information about the seas around it and the history of their names. It tells something about the "Afsluitdijk" (closure dike) nearby. About "De Razende Bol" a sandbank, domain of seals and seagulls.

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Den Helder, in pictures

This is more of a small photo album. It shows Den Helder in pictures and films!!!

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Den Helder, links

Here you find a lot of links to information about Den Helder, information about Julianadorp and Huisduinen. Links to museums, links pointing to the tourist office, where to find more information about the flowerbulbs, the "afsluitdijk", the history of the "Noord Hollands Kanaal" (a big canal through our province) There are links pointing to films too.

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